Breaching Gray Whale

Humpback Whale

Artist Rendition of a Sperm Whale

Webpage created by Mike Stewart for public information of Southern California Whale sightings, Ocean wildlife and local sightings and links.


Mike Stewart is a Computer Scientist, Musician and Naturalist.

Our offshore Bottlenose Dolphin we call Patches.

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There are also Fin Whales off the coast


This is a common dolphin-similar to the Pacific ^Whitesided Dolphin... They seem to swim with each other often.

The fascination of the Orcas can be seen everyday at Seaworld San Diego.


The rarest Blue Foot Boobie has been sited

Pilot whales are here in our waters...

They have a close family life.


San Diego was one of the most popular whaling ports in the world during the days of hunting the whale for commercial gain.

San Diego is rich in history and artifacts like this below called scrimshaw.

Currently, the south bay has a few sea turtles and the recent discovery of some very sturdy sea horses.

The inner bay city of Chula Vista has a desalinization plant using the ocean water in South Bay. The desalinization plant in South Bay is now up and running actually recycling grey salt water into drinking water. The new goal is 20,000 gallons a day.

Other animals found near the deep blue sea!

More information about grey whales can be found on on these links...

Facts about Grey Whales from other sites

New Information on Calling the Humpback Whales!

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

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